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After tuition, the largest single expense to the student is the purchase of textbooks. We make every effort to pass along savings in the price of our textbooks. The primary method is to stock used textbooks which are 25% less than the new text version. From time to time, publishers will offer packaged versions of books at discounted prices. Used texts are the first to sell because of their discounted price. Used book resources are finite and can be acquired through used book companies or buy-back. It is our goal to buy as many books directly from students through our buy-back department. It is good for the student, our environment, and our business.

We will buy back any current edition of a textbook as long as there is a demand for the book. Publishers make every effort to make the books that you buy disposable. They change editions and provide custom publications that are only good for a semester. Books that have changed editions for the most part have no resale value. The percentage that we pay for textbooks range from 0 to 50% of the purchase price. The buy-back price is determined by demand for the book. If we are paying 50% of the purchase price, more than likely we have knowledge that the book will be used again at the campus. However, if the book is no longer used by an instructor and it is the most recent version, we will buy it back at a price that is determined by a national textbook wholesale company.

Q: When is the best time to sell my books back?

A: The best time to sell your books back is at the end of the semester. It is during that time that we gather information of what is required for the next semester. We also buy back books at the start of each semester.

Q: Will I be able to sell damaged books?

A: No. We will not purchase books that are over highlighted or books that have missing or loose pages. All books MUST be intact. 

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